Proliance Company Ltd. is a leading provider in automotive market research industry. We offer data intelligence to top tier automobile manufacturers and world-class consultants, many of which we have worked with for over a decade. Our core expertise is in providing "hard-to-extract" new vehicle registration reports from various countries across South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With this unique data, our clients can actually pinpoint the location of each registered vehicle down to sub-district level. Clients can utilize our reports for their crucial decision making phases ranging from dealer network planning, marketing, sales and the aftermarket.

During Q4-2021, Proliance will add a new Market Research Department focusing on dealer audits. Our Dealer Audits service will be a solution for automobile manufacturers, distributors and importers to gauge the performance of their dealer network and determine whether their benchmark in the area of sales, service and corporate identity are being met. We provide an independent, professional and friendly approach to the audit requirements of both passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers, distributors and importers.
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