Proliance Company Limited is the leading provider of location-based new vehicle registrations for both cars and commercial vehicles. Our data coverage spans across South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa regions. To ensure that the information is of the highest possible quality, we collect our data from authoritative sources only.
Our new vehicle registration data provides an accurate and impartial view on the automotive market at any point in time. Our reports are standardized throughout every country we cover and they undergo various stages of diligent preparation and processing that transform raw data to high-quality data for the best business intelligence our clients require.
2018 Vehicle Registration count of top-5 brands in Thailand by Quarter
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Source: Department of Land Transport (Thailand) and Proliance Analysis
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Since 2017 we have implemented ownership demographic information to all of our new vehicle registration datasets. Each registration count is reported at "model" level while the geographical details attached are available at the most detailed administrative level for each particular country. Our registration data with ownership demographic information has made it possible to identify and track movements of imported vehicles with the GCC countries.
Thailand Vehicle Registration

Snap-shot of new vehicle registration at provincial level in Thailand

Districts of Bangkok

Overview on vehicle registration density at district level, Bangkok area

Registrations within Bangkok

Registration counts within Bangkok area showing precise ownership demographics

Sub-districts of Manila

Registration density of vehicles in Manila at sub-district level

Governorates of Saudi Arabia

Vehicle registration density of Saudi Arabia at Governorate administrative level

Districts of Riyadh

Registration count of vehicles within Central Riyadh districts, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

New vehicle registrations in Thailand at province level
New vehicle registrations in Bangkok Metropolitan area at sub-district level
Proliance publishes vehicle parc statistics at “model” level and year of first registration for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The report is available on an annual basis with historical data going back to year 2000 depending on vehicle type and country.
Source: International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA)
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Source: International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA)