Proliance is the leading provider of location-based new vehicle registrations for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

Our data coverage spans across SEA, India, and MEA regions. To ensure that the information is of the highest possible quality, our data are only extracted from authoritative sources of which then undergoes extensive and rigorous validation processes to highest information quality possible. These result in quantitative datasets which our clients can fully utilize in their various analytic applications. 

Process Data
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New Vehicle Registration​s

Find out the exact "on-the-road" vehicle population at any given point in time for any specific locations we cover.


Electric Vehicle (Coming Soon)

Our new vehicle registration data provides an accurate and impartial view on the automotive market at any point in time.


Comprehensive coverage of administrative geographies combined with neighborhood, suburb, land use, and postal geographies at granular level.

Electric Vehicle (Coming Soon)