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Geospatial Datasets

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications have become an essential tool for planning, resource management and decision making for the automotive industry. It is crucial for OEMs to incorporate GIS applications to help them with dealer network planning, identifying the location of new vehicle registrations, market analysis, service facilities mapping, impact analysis and demographics analysis.

Finding reliable and up-to-date geospatial data for countries in SEA, India, MEA can be a challenging task. Accurate and consistent data within these regions are hard to come by and they most likely require additional validation and cross-referencing. Government agencies often use their own version of information, creating information conflicts and inconsistencies. It is our mission to compile these data sets and undertake all the necessary steps, including standardization as well as combining static and real-time data through spatial BI, which result in information specifically related to the automotive industry. 

Geospatial Datasets

Our Geospatial datasets provide strategic insight for organizations. Some of the data consist of:

  • Shape files (polygons) outlining up-to-date administrative boundaries and their various level of subdivisions. The level of subdivision varies from country to country but most are at highest granular level when possible.  Our shape files data are consistently updated and possess both positional and temporal accuracy

  • Location pinpoints:

o automobile dealers and its entire network locations including its showroom, service centers and spare part outlets
o relevant industrial estates detailing industry type, company information and other detailed information
o urban area and land usage data to help maximize our client's service coverage​​

  • Up-to-date socio-demographic information

  • Other bespoke information can be aggregated​ according to the client

  • Areas of Coverage

Granular Level
Taluk Level
Munis Level
Tambon Level
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