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Our Team

Our Team

Our organization is composed of highly experienced professionals from both the private and public sectors, with a particular focus on the automotive industry in both ASEAN and the Middle-East regions. We have cultivated an extensive network of connections over many years, encompassing corporate leaders and senior government officials worldwide.

These long-standing relationships with key stakeholders in business and government have allowed us to develop unparalleled access to valuable information and insights. Our unique position enables us to gather and analyze data from exclusive sources, providing our clients with intelligence that is not readily available elsewhere.


By leveraging our diverse team's expertise and our far-reaching network, we are able to offer comprehensive and in-depth analysis that combines industry knowledge with geopolitical understanding. This distinctive approach allows us to deliver exceptional value to our clients, helping them navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions in the global automotive landscape.

Corporate Summary


Data Coverage:

​ - South-East Asia 

 - India

 - Middle-East

 - North Africa


Business Type:



Data and Services:

 - New vehicle registrations data

 - Vehicle registrations tracking

 - PARC data

 - Geospatial data

 - Market research reports

 - Other automotive-related data

 - Dealers audits service


Company Size:




November 2006


Industries Served:

 - Automotive

 - Energy Industry (Fuel Retail & Distribution)

 - EV Charging Infrastructure Industry

 - Public sector

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