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BYD officially launches the brand in Thailand on August 8

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

(BYD Official Launch in Japan)

BYD Prepare to officially launch the brand in Thailand on August 8, 2022, ready to join an MOU with the Thai government with plans to establish a manufacturing plant in Thailand ready to open the market BYD Dolphin

BYD Car and electric car giants from China are preparing to enter the Thai market officially by autolifethailand, revealing that BYD will officially launch the brand in Thailand on August 8, 65.

In addition to opening the brand, BYD will also set up a car factory in Thailand. Using the name BYD Thailand and Rever Automotive Co., Ltd. (Rever Automotive) will be the distributor and after-sales service provider for BYD’s EVs in Thailand.

For BYD’s 100% EV that will be launched in Thailand within the year 65, according to reports, it is a model. BYD Dolphin In terms of specs and price, it is considered to be a competitor in the same class as GWM’s ORA Good Cat.

autolifethailand The BYD Dolphin’s selling price is similar to that of ORA Good Cat, and of course, the BYD Dolphin will receive a discount from government support measures.

After opening the brand on August 8, 65, BYD is also preparing to organize a booth at the Motor Expo 2022 that will be held at the beginning of December 65. BYD reserves a booth space of up to 1,849 square meters, as well as with GWM

BYD’s arrival in Thailand is no less interesting. Because previously there was news that BYD will market with Dolphin first and after that may send BYD Tang to market in Thailand next year.


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